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Bopomofo Chinese Phonics Alphabet | Taiwan Bopomofo

Bopomofo Chinese Phonics Alphabet | Taiwan Bopomofo

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If you want your kids to learn Traditional Chinese via the Taiwanese Bopomofo (Zhuyin) method, then these printables are for you! Teach your kids how to read the Taiwanese phonetic system for Chinese via play and these fun printables!

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Three easy steps:

1. Print out the file
2. Laminate (optional)
3. You're ready to teach your kids about colors!

A lot of fun games are contained within this set of printables! Your kids can use the sheets as reference, they can color the black-and-white sheet, they can memorize bopomofo. There is also bopomofo character search and this page can be colored, too!

Game ideas:

- introduce the bopomofo phonetic alphabet for Chinese via the colored page or the black-and-white page
- children can use the sheet as a reference in memorizing the bopomofo song
- children can color the black-and-white sheet
- children can color the bopomofo that they know
- parents can call out a sound and children can race to point to the correct one
- the find-and-seek page can be colored
- children can compete to see who (with other children or with parents) can find the various bopomofo characters first
- children can cut out the characters and create their own phonetic words
- and much more, only limited by your imagination!

Files included:
- PDF, four (4) pages
- 300 dpi
- 8.5" x 11" size paper, also suitable for A4 size

- please be aware that colors may not be exactly as show due to differences in monitors and printers
- can be printed at home or at your local printing/office supply store
- print and re-print!
- personal use only, no commercial use or resale :)

© O'sFunPlanet

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