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Forest Animals Fun | Forest Learning Game

Forest Animals Fun | Forest Learning Game

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Your kids will learn through play by matching animals with their silhouettes, their names and the first letters of the animal names, with this fun and educational printable PDF.

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Four easy steps:

1. Print out the file
2. Laminate (optional)
3. Cut it out
4. Apply magnetic tape to back (optional)
5. You're ready to teach your kids about colors!

Use childrens' favorite things in the world, animals, to get them to play and to learn - they'll develop comparison, matching, and coordination skills with these fun printables. Your kids will have a lot of fun matching up the animals to their silhouettes and to their written names/beginning letter. There are two background sheets - one with the animals and one with just their silhouettes - allowing your kids to find animals, find animal names and to compare shapes/sizes.

Game ideas:

- introduce your child to these forest animals; what environment do they live in? in what parts of the world? where do other animals live?
- show your child the sheet with the animals and see which animals they know; teach them the names of the ones they don't
- ask your child to name the beginning letter of the animals' names; such as "d, d, d, /d/, /d/, /d/, deer," or "b, b, b, /b/, /b/, /b/, bear."
- show your child the sheet with just the silhouettes and ask your child to match the animals and to name them
- for beginning readers, get your child to find the beginning letter of each animal's name with the animal cards
- for children more advanced in reading, get your child to match the names of the animals with their pictures
- and much more, only limited by your imagination!

Files included:
- PDF, five (5) pages
- 300 dpi
- 8.5" x 11" size paper, also suitable for A4 size

- please be aware that colors may not be exactly as show due to differences in monitors and printers
- can be printed at home or at your local printing/office supply store
- print and re-print, no limit on how much you print - share with family/friends

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