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Ice Cream Color Match | Color Learning

Ice Cream Color Match | Color Learning

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Your kids will learn about colors and numbers by playing with this fun and educational printable PDF.

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Four easy steps:

1. Print out the file
2. Laminate (optional)
3. Cut it out
4. Apply magnetic tape to back (optional)
5. You're ready to teach your kids about colors!

Rather than simply showing your kids pictures of different colors, it's best to get them playing along and learning with these printables. Your kids will have a lot of fun matching up these ice cream colors in order to create the predetermined color sets, or color sets that you make up. There is also a page with prices, to allow you to explore numbers, money and counting with your kids if they're ready.

Game ideas:

- child finds the correct color ice cream scoops to match the predetermined numbered ice cream sets
- parent asks child what price a particular flavor is, or the child asks the parent
- child/parent orders two scoops and adds up the prices
- parent names a color and child finds that color ice cream, putting atop the cone
- child creates an ice cream combination and parent gives the colors a flavor name
- parent/child makes up a story and names flavors that match colors
- and much more, only limited by your imagination!

Files included:
- PDF, four (4) pages
- 300 dpi
- 8.5" x 11" size paper, also suitable for A4 size

- please be aware that colors may not be exactly as show due to differences in monitors and printers
- can be printed at home or at your local printing/office supply store
- print and re-print!
- personal use only, no commercial use or resale :)

© O'sFunPlanet
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