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Natural Disasters | Learning About Disasters

Natural Disasters | Learning About Disasters

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Not often a fun topic to teach your kids, it is nonetheless to teach them about climate change and global warming. Anthropogenic climate change is causing all sorts of natural disasters to increase in intensity and become more frequent... it is time to teach our kids what's happening and find out what they can do about it!

immediate procurement of purchase via PDF

Three easy steps:

1. Print out the file
2. Laminate (optional)
3. Cut out on dotted lines (where necessary)
4. You're ready to teach your kids and they'll be ready to play!

Game ideas:

- talk with your kids about natural disasters; are there any that they know?
- talk with them about climate change and global warming
- what do your kids already know about climate change and global warming?
- talk with them about the different natural disasters
- talk with your kids about places that they know that are being affected by these natural disasters
- do they think that humans contribute to the frequency or intensity of these natural disasters?
- discuss how these natural disasters affect people all over the world
- what can we, what can your kids do (no matter how small) to help?
- and much more, only limited by your imagination!

Files included:
- PDF, 13 pages
- 300 dpi
- 8.5" x 11" size paper, also suitable for A4 size

- please be aware that colors may not be exactly as show due to differences in monitors and printers
- can be printed at home or at your local printing/office supply store
- print and re-print!
- personal use only, no commercial use or resale :)

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