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Weather Wheel | Weather Game

Weather Wheel | Weather Game

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Learning about weather has never been easier! This weather wheel shows your kids the most common and basic types of weather that we see each day, allowing them to learn how to describe what they really see. Not only will do they learn about weather, but they learn how to observe our physical world, how to match what they see with concepts they've learned and they learn about science and physical phenomena.

Includes flash cards: rainy, sunny, cloudy, sunny, rainbow, stormy, partly sunny + cover

Instant download of digital PDF!

Easy steps:

1. Print out the file
2. Laminate (optional)
3. Punch two holes and insert butterfly clip for arrow.
4. You're ready to teach your kids and they'll be ready to play!

Game ideas:

- introduce your child to the weather patterns, using the wheel or the flash cards
- introduce your children to the weather descriptions with the flashcards
- have your children pull out random flash cards and describe/read the weather
- have your child spin the wheel and together describe the weather pattern
- choose a favourite type of weather or weather suited for an activity, describe together
- have your child spin the arrow to today's weather, yesterday's weather
- predict what tomorrow's weather will be like
- compare the weather wheel to internet or TV broadcasts of weather
- and much more, only limited by your imagination!

Files included:
- PDF, three (3) pages
- 300 dpi
- 8.5" x 11" size paper, also suitable for A4 size

- please be aware that colors may not be exactly as show due to differences in monitors and printers
- can be printed at home or at your local printing/office supply store
- print and re-print!
- personal use only, no commercial use or resale :)

© O'sFunPlanet

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